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Customizable Sanction Compliance Solutions for Pharma and Life Science Companies.


As a leader in the delivery of end-to-end technology-based contracting solutions for Healthcare Professionals, LectureLinx Inc. is dedicated to reducing risk, improving compliance and promoting best contracting practices.  Through self-imposed challenges for continuous improvement, our solutions have resulted in streamlining business practices with a focus on improved sanctions compliance.


    Engagements between Health Care Professionals and Life Sciences Companies are vital yet under increasing scrutiny due to transparency initiatives under the Affordable Care Act and other regulations.

LectureLinx felt it critical to 1) identify any Healthcare Professional who might be considered high-risk before entering into any contractual agreement, 2) go beyond the federally reported sanctions and disciplinary actions, and 3) obtain and process information quickly.

We are often faced with short-timelines to complete this due diligence process. In addition, while most Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs) require Healthcare Professionals be free of any sanctions at the Federal Level, we found that most disciplinary or questionable actions occurred at the state level when performing a sanction check, which were previously overlooked.


Using the Verisys API, we developed customized workflows based on individual client needs to capture FACIS Sanction and Disciplinary Search data prior to entering into any contractual agreement.  This process has become standard operating procedure for all of our clients thereby ensuring that only qualified HCP’s in full sanction compliance, free of sanctions or disciplinary action are considered.

Our integration with the Verisys API now permits a high volume of sanction checks and results to be processed into our system within minutes, capturing both Federal and State-related data which can, in turn, accelerates decision-making for our clients.


Ellen Varelas RN, Founder, and CEO of LectureLinx