Comprehensive Provider Data Management SaaS Solution for Turnkey Credentialing

Hospitals have many moving parts which create great exposure to breaches in compliance. The healthcare system on the federal level is working to reduce waste, fraud, and abuse. Both the compliance officers as well as the medical staff professionals have a huge responsibility to stay within compliance. And in the case of the medical staff professionals, they have job functions that include physician engagement, outcome studies, and recruiting. Verisys offers the data and online hospital credentialing software SaaS tools to mitigate fines, loss of life, and reputational damage. CheckMedic is the first online credentialing software solution that helps you stay in compliance, reduce risk and increase revenue.

CheckMedic ensures that the credentials, background data, and self-reported information of every practitioner – from their education and training to their board certifications, licenses, and work history – have been checked and verified. After all of your practitioners are completely enrolled in the system, it literally manages itself, continually monitoring data that can change over time and put your organization at risk.


  • Save time and money as you increase revenue
  • Allocate resources spent on credentialing to other areas
  • Eliminate redundant work processes
  • Free up Medical Staff Services Professionals (MSPs) and Human Resources (HR) personnel for other tasks
  • Accelerate privileging and onboarding so new practitioners can start seeing patients and generating revenues faster than ever before
  • Recruit from a community of practitioners with CheckMedic accounts whose credentials and information have already been checked and verified
  • Eliminate manual peer referencing; CheckMedic handles the entire process for you
  • Reduce errors and organizational risk due to manual credentialing data entry
  • Be automatically notified of practitioner status changes
  • Exceed credentialing standards set by The Joint Commission, DNV and HFAP
  • Come one step closer to controlling rising health care costs

CheckMedic produces a MedPass online profile, a portable, digital medical credentialing document that verifies submitted information using primary sources, for each employee and vendor. The verified MedPass is continuously monitored to ensure credentialing data stays up-to-date and verified. The CheckMedic credentialing software can also collect other critical data (e.g., immunization records) on the organization’s behalf and monitors that data in real-time, so that organizations can uphold their policies and procedures.

The safety of your patients depends on making sound hiring decisions and ensuring that the licenses of your staff are current. Backed by FACIS, the most comprehensive data platform in the healthcare industry, the accuracy of our screening, verification, and monitoring services exceed OIG standards. With CheckMedic as your trusted credentialing software partner, you will eliminate the blind spots and guesswork, ensuring your patients come first and your organization avoids reputational risk and steep fines.