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Caleb Leslie Employee Spotlight

July 31, 2020

This is Caleb Leslie and he is a Research Analyst on the Quality Program Team at Verisys and recently reached his two-year milestone with the company! He works closely with the Quality Program Manager and Business Intelligence Analyst to improve the fluidity of the company. Recently, Caleb has been improving training documentation for an integrated, third-party data partner using a variety of mediums adaptable to different learning styles, creating daily files for processing, and sharing that training with our partner.

Caleb was born in Hawaii and graduated from Kamehameha Schools. He is the youngest of five siblings, with four older sisters. He says he has a terrible memory and in hopes of helping him remember the things that have made him who he is, he decided to start getting tattoos. Currently, he has two but has ideas for many more! In December, Caleb got engaged to a close friend that he met in the 4th grade. In an effort to impress her during an annual school 3 km run, Caleb tried to keep pace with her running backward. She laughed it off and passed him, but clearly, he left an impression as she agreed to marry him many years later.

Caleb spends most of his free time playing video games, hiking and taking pictures, or playing with his dog, Shadow, a Catahoula Doberman mix. Something people don’t know about Caleb is that he can rap the entire McDonald’s Menu Rap. Now, where can you put that on a resume? His favorite Nexflix binges are The Office, Sherlock, The Umbrella Academy, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Dexter. Verisys is grateful for his hard work and dedication to moving the company forward. Thank you, Caleb!