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Bryson Kemp Employee Spotlight

November 22, 2019

This is Bryson Kemp and he is a Verisys Software Engineer. He develops new features, enhances the application performance, and assists with architecting changes within Verisys’ CheckMedic application. Bryson works closely with the Sr. Operations managers to understand the needs of our clients and how to best serve them with this credentialing platform. When he’s not busy improving the company’s technology tools, he enjoys fishing (as much as possible), snowmobiling, and developing apps (I guess he’s programming even in his free time). Bryson got married this year and he and his wife just moved into a new home that they built. Along with a change in residence, he also changed his mode of transportation, selling his truck to buy a Prius. That’s a lot of pivotal events in one year! Something many people don’t know about Bryson is that he used to be a sponsored backcountry snowmobiler. On one of his many snowmobile outings, he was hit by an avalanche and was lucky enough to get out! When he’s ready to come in from the cold and kickback, he’ll turn on Netflix and binge-watch the TV show Friends. We’re glad he survived an avalanche and is able to share his talents with us. Thanks, Bryson!