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2017 is a Year of Gratitude for Clients, Talent and Growth Initiative

December 28, 2017

For Verisys Corporation, 2017 was a banner year on a number of fronts. Below are the highlights.


Verisys Corporation announced that Spectrum Equity, along with Cressey & Company and Verisys CEO John P. Benson, have made a significant growth equity investment in the Company. The investment positions Verisys, which has long been considered the “gold standard” in health care provider compliance and risk management data, to accelerate platform and product investment initiatives, and to continue to execute on a highly successful growth strategy.

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Verisys welcomes a new board of directors.

John P. Benson, CEO of Verisys serves on the newly formed board with a hands-on approach to solving complex problems around identity resolution, screening, verification, monitoring, compliance and credentialing. He is known in the industry as the most knowledgeable subject-matter experts on health care data in the U.S.

Scott Bagwell, former President of Experian Heal and a health care technology industry veteran lends his expertise as Verisys looks to significantly expand its sales and marketing organization to capitalize on growing demand for its mission-critical data solutions.

Chris Mitchell is a Managing Director at Spectrum Equity. He joined Spectrum in 2001 and has been investing in growth companies since 1995, previously at TA Associates and Monitor Clipper Partners. At Spectrum, Chris focuses on the information services and data analytics industries.

Jeff Haywood is a Principal at Spectrum Equity.  He joined Spectrum in 2007, having previously worked at Thomas Cressey Equity Partners and Goldman Sachs. At Spectrum, Jeff’s areas of investment focus include healthcare IT, information services and software.

Adam Margolin is a Principal at Spectrum Equity.  He joined Spectrum in 2005, after working in Citigroup’s Financial Institutions and TMT investment banking teams. At Spectrum, Adam focuses on financial technology, information services and data & analytics investments, including significant experience with Spectrum’s past and current investments in risk & compliance data and software businesses.

David M. Rogero is a Partner at Cressey & Company responsible for acquisitions, divestitures and oversight of portfolio companies.  Mr. Rogero has been with the Cressey & Company team since the firm was founded in 2008.


Valerie S. Mondelli, as Chief Revenue Officer of Verisys Corporation, is responsible for the company’s overall growth strategy and expanding Verisys’ current business in multiple markets.

Joe Montler is Senior Vice President of Sales for Verisys. Mr. Montler is charged with leading Verisys’ sales by expanding Verisys’ best-in-class solutions in key market segments.

Together, they formed a high-performance team comprised of vertical segment experts: Jan Smith Reed, Lauren Howard, Philip Smakula, Jacob Hodge, Clint Snyder, with support from Michael Criner, inside sales and Michelle Hurst for SalesForce expertise.

Verisys Launches Next-Generation CheckMedic

CheckMedic centralizes critical workforce data, creating a single source of truth and providing an unprecedented level of instant-access transparency. This degree of transparency is key to patient safety and satisfies the complex regulatory requirements for compliance to multiple standards. CheckMedic exceeds federal guidelines set by the OIG, state regulatory requirements, and certification and accreditation bodies including HFAP, DNV, NCQA, URAC and The Joint Commission.

Hospitals, pharmacies and health care institutions struggle with the administrative burden of onboarding practitioners across various departments including Human Resources, Medical Staff Services, Medical Affairs, Risk and Compliance, and Legal. Millions of dollars are spent on antiquated and isolated software programs, disparate and often unverified data sources resulting in 90+ day onboarding and enrollment delays, inaccurate data records and lapses in response to adverse actions. Compound that with static and stale data and you have a compliance nightmare.

The CheckMedic platform issues a digital MedPass® for each staff member and serves as the only application activity required of a candidate. The MedPass profile is auto-populated with Verisys’ pre-verified primary source data and completed online, is housed in the cloud, and indicates full compliance for employment and credentialing to applicable standards and business rules.

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Comparably Ranks Verisys for Top CEO, Top leadership in Operations and Sales and Best Place to Work.

Tech Company News features John P. Benson.

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