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Applying Mountaineering Lessons to Improve the Customer Experience at Verisys

August 15, 2019

James Voss, Director of Customer Success at Verisys, is a passionate customer experience leader by day and avid mountaineer on the weekends. The lessons he’s learned while traversing challenging summits are being applied to the successful delivery of operational excellence for our valued clients. His customer success team is focused on improving every facet of the post-sale experience from the initial workflow consultation and implementation to ongoing support and partnership. This is being accomplished by utilizing the lessons learned on the mountain.

Preparation and Use of Appropriate Tools

When climbing Mt. Hood in Oregon, James and his brother used ice axes and crampons to ensure safe and efficient passage over the year-round glaciated slopes of the mountain. They learned proper footwork and self-arrest techniques in the valley so that these maneuvers would feel natural when navigating the dangerous sections of glacier at the top. At Verisys, the customer success team has been spending time upgrading internal systems and implementing processes that provide safety and direction when navigating unexpected events which enable the team to react quickly and calmly when issues arise. These enhancements to the internal tools and systems bring additional value to our customers through increased consistency and efficiency resulting in delivery excellence.


As James’ group approached the final summit push of one of Colorado’s most dangerous 14’ers, they saw a pair of climbers who had lost the trail. From their perspective they could see the pair was in danger. By alerting them of their surroundings his group was able to help them regain the proper trail and successfully summit. Just as mountaineers must stay vigilant in an ever-changing environment, it is critical that our customer success team be aware of the business environment impacting our clients.

The Verisys team is committed to keeping our clients up-to-date and in the know regarding the ever-changing landscape of the credentialing industry. When we know our customer’s mission, challenges, and goals, we become a partner in driving their success.


Clinging to the side of a granite outcrop on Grand Teton with a 1,500 ft drop below him, James was acutely aware of his climbing partner who was belaying him. Knowing that his partner was committed to his success and that he took his responsibility for James’ safety very seriously, he was able to complete the climb with confidence. Similarly, we are building a culture of accountability at Verisys. In simple terms, we do what we say we will do. If we ever think that we might not be able to deliver on our promises, we will communicate that to our clients and provide an alternate plan. Verisys aims to add value to your business and provide you with an excellent customer experience at every touchpoint.

The customer success team at Verisys is continuously improving the processes for our clients under the direction of James Voss and using the lessons he’s learned on the mountain. The team is equipped with the tools they need to support their clients throughout the duration of their journey. Their top priorities are providing excellent customer support and working to ensure each customer reaches their goals and overcomes their challenges. Verisys is the partner you can trust to support you every step of the way.


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