Credentialing Companies Aperture and Verisys Combine: What Providers Need to Know

Dec 14, 2021 | Credentialing, Provider Management | 0 comments

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Since healthcare organizations outsource provider credentialing to companies like Verisys and Aperture Health, historically any communications for practitioners and facilities — letters, phone calls, email, websites — have come from or been directed to Verisys and Aperture.

Now that’s changed. 

Aperture recently combined with Verisys Corporation. Because Aperture opted to take on the Verisys brand, over time the organization will stop using the Aperture name and logo when communicating with providers.

As the two companies come together, practitioners and facilities undergoing credentialing might see communications from Verisys, Aperture Health, Aperture Credentialing LLC, or the combined organizations. All of these communications are valid. Please respond as directed by letters, phone calls, emails, and websites. 

More questions about Verisys and Aperture credentialing? Check out our 2021 Acquisition/Combination FAQ for Practitioners and Facilities or contact us at


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