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Anjana Kanth Employee Spotlight

August 7, 2020

Anjana Kanth is a Production Team Lead and has worked at Verisys for two years. Anjana helps to improve production processes and double-checks the work of processors on the team to prevent customer disputes and ensure that we meet all quality standards. Anjana really loves food! She enjoys trying new foods and restaurants and has a reputation in the office for her frequent DoorDash orders. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2018 with a BA in History and ancient Latin. Anjana is an Indian American and last year she was fortunate to travel to India for her first time. She said the food was amazing! Anjana loves to read and listens to audiobooks whenever she can throughout the day. She likes to travel, cook, play with her four dogs, and watch TV (mostly comedies and reality shows). When Anjana was young her family lived abroad in Australia and Denmark, but she only remembers a little about these years. She is currently watching Master of None, which is a great show for foodies, and Jersey Shore. Anjana brightens the day of anyone she interacts with during work and Verisys appreciates the positive impact she has on the Production Team. Thank you, Anjana!