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Alyssa Rodriguez Employee Spotlight

June 19, 2020

Alyssa Rodriguez is a Verisys Production Analyst. Alyssa is proficient in multiple Verisys Products: Sanctions, License Verifications, Verified License Searches, and CheckMedic. She also helps with Data Entry and monitoring our clients’ Medpasses. She’s been married to her amazing husband for 10 years, and they have two awesome boys. A lot of their house is decorated in Batman. They have so much Batman paraphernalia that they have a designated Batman Room, which is also serving as her WFH office. Alyssa doesn’t mind that she was hit on by Adam West, so she’s literally been hit on by Batman himself. She also loves a lot of other superheroes, loves Harry Potter, and many other fandoms. In her free time, she likes playing Animal Crossing after work to relax. She also enjoys playing Roblox with her boys. Alyssa loves to work in her yard, especially in her flower garden. One thing a lot of people don’t know about her is that her first job was working for her dad at Certified Decontamination. She helped decontaminate meth houses. That’s not a job you hear about every day! Alyssa’s current Netflix binge is The Office. She says it’s probably the 100th time that she’s watched it. The current series she’s reading is the Red Rising series, and she’s loving it! Alyssa’s favorite podcast is Office Ladies. Thanks for making our office brighter by being part of the team, Alyssa!