Achieving Transparency: How to Close a Critical Gap in Healthcare Compliance

Continuous Data Monitoring is Key to Patient Safety

Achieving Transparency -How to Close a Critical Gap in Healthcare Compliance

Employing quality providers results in better patient outcomes. And better outcomes affect your bottom line in many ways: 

  • Patient safety and satisfaction
  • Higher reimbursement rates
  • Reputational supremacy
  • Physician attraction and retention 

However, maintaining a dedicated staff of quality providers, support staff, and reputable suppliers of goods and services can be challenging.  

Thorough initial credentialing and verification followed by continuous data monitoring are essential for all individuals. This includes licensed and unlicensed staff members, as well as partners, investors, contingent workers, agents, and contractors you do business with.  

Not only does thorough screening and rigorous continuous monitoring help ensure quality employees, but it also provides 360-degree transparency. 

Monitoring Patient Safety Will Improve the Quality of Healthcare

Focusing on the patient experience is paramount in delivering quality healthcare. A well-designed screening, verification, and continuous monitoring program for your entire workforce, affiliates, and vendors protects your organization by minimizing risk and improving patient safety and satisfaction, ultimately giving you a competitive advantage. 

The safety of your patients depends on making sound hiring decisions and ensuring that the licenses of your staff are current. Backed by FACIS® (Fraud Abuse Control Information System), the most comprehensive data platform in the healthcare industry, the accuracy of Verisys’ screening, verification, and monitoring services exceeds the standard set by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). 

With Verisys as your trusted credentialing partner, you eliminate blind spots and guesswork, ensuring your patients come first and your organization avoids reputational risk and steep fines. 

Credential Monitoring Requires the Highest Quality and Most Current Data

As with the initial screening, the continuous data monitoring process should utilize the highest quality and most current data on a continuous basis. For most hospitals, health systems, practice groups, acute care facilities, and surgical centers, this is a daunting task with a seemingly small payoff compared to the effort required to keep the records up-to-date. That is, until there is a fine, civil monetary penalty, or public lawsuit caused by patient negligence or fraud. 

Verisys was created over 30 years ago to address this very issue. Through technology, Verisys systematically gathers, verifies, and aggregates data daily from over 5,500 state and federal primary sources and delivers results in near real-time via API or SaaS-based platforms. With its robust data set of more than 400 million cumulative records, FACIS® continues to grow by 75,000 records a month. Each record is identity matched with 99.9% accuracy to the proper individual or entity. 

Our continuous monitoring program gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted of any activity that could put your organization at risk and that your entire staff, associates, and affiliates comply with state and federal laws. 

Verisys Makes Ongoing Credential Monitoring Easy

With Verisys, our credentialing solutions monitor individuals and entities by creating a secure, portable, comprehensive profile complete with pre-set notifications of license expiration, educational requirements, and alerts regarding infractions. We use trusted data to protect your patients, ensure compliance, and speed up provider enrollment. 

Verisys performs verification and due diligence on all possible matches identified through the screening process to determine true and correct matches. Any discrepancies or possible matched data points identified are investigated and resolved with the primary source, eliminating any false positives. Supporting documentation and communications are documented and attached to each verification element, as required by standard-setting organizations such as NCQA, The Joint Commission, and URAC. 

As we add new records to our database, Verisys alerts you of upcoming expiration notifications as well as monitors against:

  • Exclusions
  • Debarments
  • Sanctions
  • Other adverse actions

Closing Data Gaps in Your Credentialing Process

An automated approach that assures full compliance is the answer to the continuous data monitoring gap. Utilizing technology and the most comprehensive database in the industry assists your organization in closing this data gap and mitigating the risks associated with having gaps in your credentialing process. A continuous data monitoring program such as Verisys is necessary to meet and exceed state and federal requirements for participation in government-funded programs. 

As an and URAC-accredited credentials verification organization, Verisys delivers cutting-edge technology to provide full transparency that protects your reputation and your patients. 


Contact us for a demo of FACIS®, and discuss a staged rollout of screening, verifying, and monitoring for your entire workforce.